How Our Decoy Rigs Are Designed


Our Hand-Built Custom Texas Rigs are designed with a fixed Mushroom weight to better hold the bottom. With this style, the hard edge helps bite into the bottom and will not roll. Available in Stainless Steel Coated Cable and 400# Mono.

texas rigs


Our Hand-Built Custom Timber Rigs are designed to hunt in shallow waters and soft bottom spots with more vegetation. All of our Timber Rigs use a Flat Bank weight. With this style, less bottom vegetation will get collected on the weight itself. Available in Stainless Steel Coated Cable and 400# Mono.


All of our Long Lines are hand-tied and singed to ensure the tightest knots. Designed for the open waters, as well as, deep waters. Your choice of Tarred Braided or Tarred Twisted with either Stainless Steel 4" / 5" Clips or Marine Grade Brass Snaps. Pair with our hand-tied drops with choice of adding Stainless Steel Snap Swivels to attach easily to your decoys.  Add our Anchor Lines for additional length.

heavy machinery

Our Duck Decoy Rigs aren't mass produced overseas by a machine, we build every rig to fit your needs.

quality hardware

We recognize the lack of quality hardware in the market, and we are dedicated to constructing long lasting products to withstand the harshest conditions.

a person in camo hunting ducks
advantage in the field

When you're in the field, your gear shouldn't be a concern, your focus should be on the hunt.